Death of little Olivia 6 years old her mother would

Death of little Olivia, 6 years old: her mother would have poisoned her so that her father would not have custody of her

The body of the little girl was found in her bed next to her mother in Gijon, Spain, this Sunday, October 30.

A terrible tragedy has shaken Spain for several days. A 6-year-old girl, Olivia, was found dead next to her mother this Sunday October 30th.

It would be the mother would have killed his daughter to prevent the girl’s father from getting them back as he had received them custody of the child.

The child’s mother, Noemí Martínez Largo, 48, was placed first Prison, as reported by El Commercio prior to placement detention this Monday, October 31st. she was referred this Wednesday, November 2nd

At every stage or audition, she would have held one distant attitude in the face of her daughter’s death as if she felt nothing.

Autopsy shows poisoning

Autopsy results revealed that little Oliva died after ingesting a dose of the drug three times higher than the lethal dose. His mother would have given it to him large amounts of sedatives such as lorazepam.

The dose was very strong, the analyzes showed “three times the amount of medication from a dose that would have been lethal for her 20 kilos,” reports El Ideal. Several different drugs present in large quantities would have been identified in the little girl’s body.

The mother would have administered this lethal dose by crushing drugs and mixing them into a chocolate drink, as reported by Telecinco.

Revenge ?

According to Olivia’s father, this is revenge on her. In fact, after long years of fighting in the courts, theThe judiciary had decided to assign custody to the father of the child. The mother would not have supported it.

This seems to be the motive for this passage of the law. But the investigation is ongoing.

According to some of her relatives, when the decision was made, the mother said: “Before I leave her to her father, I will kill her“, as Antena 3 points out.

What she risks…

This family mother can be sentenced to it eternitysince according to the Spanish Penal Code there is an aggravating circumstance of kinship and she would have killed a minor under the age of 16, which is one of the reasons why the legislation allows the possibility of using this sadness.

\u26a1\ufe0fLa juez envía a Noemí Martínez a la carcel por el asesinato de su hija Olivia al existir claro riesgo de fuga.

La detenida no ha mostrado signos de arrepentimiento y ha hecho gala de una fría actitud en los calabozos.

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