De Luca is unequivocal about Sangiulianos faux pas quotInvite him

De Luca is unequivocal about Sangiuliano’s faux pas: "Invite him to parties and baptisms" | From D’Urso to Fallaci, here are the minister’s gaffes Il Riformista

It was a mild November afternoon when the culture minister, Sangiuliano Fallaci, trips and slips. In an interview with Il Giornale, Gennaro thunders “Enough with the funds that are only given to left-wing films.” And determined to make it difficult for him, he continues: “I will ask Rai to do a fiction about the life of Indro Montanelli and on it from Oriana Fallaci”. He never said that. The words immediately resonated on social media and the omelette was ready. The miniseries dedicated to the Florentine journalist and writer is already here. L’Oriana aired on Rai1 on February 16th and 17th, 2015.

Okay, but Montanelli said so too. He is also there and fathered by mother Rai. hero Victoria Puccinidirecting Marco Turco. The product is still available on RaiPlay, where a lot of content is also easy to find Indro Montanelli.

Turn a blind eye, it was 2015. In short, an accident. The culture minister may have made a mistake, but as the saying goes Only those who don’t work are never wrong And in fact, he is always at work, as his social networks testify. In fact, even in November, a rainy month when there is a risk of slipping, Gennaro appears in a photo in his office with Undersecretaries Vittorio Sgarbi and Gianmarco Mazzi and a staff member.

Everything ok if there wasn’t one detail. Behind the workers, the TV shows Afternoon Five by Barbara D’Urso, the former leading lady of Mediaset’s afternoon entertainment. Storm on the net, but thank you from the heart from the moderator, who says she is proud to be present in the ministries in some way.

autumn is progressing the puddles dry up and turn to ice. And this is where Sangiuliano falls behind. In an interview with Il Messaggero, he decides to defend the sacred Italian language, declaring that he fully agrees with Giorgia Meloni, who has criticized the use of Anglicisms in the past. But in a few words he criticizes those who use foreign words: “I think that a certain misuse of Anglophone terms is part of it.” to a certain snobbery, very radical chic, which is often due to a lack of awareness of the global value of Italian culture. And also from his language, which instead is full of different words and nuances.”

But the best always comes last and looking back at the culture minister’s stumbling block, one can’t help but mention the most epic ones. The mother of all faux pas: We are obviously talking about the Strega Prize. Where Gennaro decides to openly declare to teacher moderator Beppi Cucciari that he has not read the books he chose among the five finalists. Frost. He tries to clear things up by saying that he was misunderstood because he wants to try and dig deeper into the books. With nothing to do, the channel oscillates between irony and outrage, creating sensational memes ranging from “I’m reading” to “Insufferable difficulty of reading”, all starring our fantastic Minister of Culture.

Today, however, someone just didn’t hold back and lashed out at the minister. The President of the Region of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, in the usual video message on Friday, took it out at the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano, who was dubbed the “minister of ceremonies”. De Luca recounts what he considers a “useless and ridiculous” inauguration of the Rome-Pompeii line. “Do some charity work, invite him to parties and baptisms, and he’ll come.”

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