David Thibault dreams big

David Thibault dreams big

Though he’s no longer making headlines like he did when he entered show business in 2013, singer David Thibault is far from giving up on his dream of an international career.

“Many French people write to me on social networks and tell me they can’t wait to see me. I can’t wait to see them either. Going international is always in my plans and dreams,” says the 25-year-old artist, who will release his first album in seven years, Now, on January 27.

Ten years ago, the name of this teenager from Saint-Raymond de Portneuf was on everyone’s lips because of a video that went viral. He sang Blue Christmas in a voice unmistakably similar to that of his idol, Elvis Presley.

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show, reaching the finals on The Voice in France, record deals, everything was promised to her.

sing his songs

A self-titled album was released in 2016, but its star no longer shone so brightly. In recent years, David Thibault has made a name for himself primarily on the Quebec stage, in group shows including one with Brigitte Boisjoli.

Not being the media darling anymore, as well as the pandemic, allowed him to “take a step back” and “think about what I really want to do.”

The answer was to sing his own compositions. So he set to work and, with the help of Michel Dagenais (who also worked with Jean Leloup and Daniel Bélanger), recorded the six original songs in French that make up Désormais.

His early admirers will not be disoriented. David Thibault, in love with everything retro, is always to be seen.

“I didn’t want to give up my rock ‘n’ roll, gospel and country origins, but I still wanted to bring a touch of modernity, which Michel did well. »

Work with elders

David Thibault is enthusiastic but cautious. He knows that a music career has its ups and downs, which explains why he found a job as a domestic help for the elderly during confinement. In particular, this experience inspired him to write the song Thousands of Days Ahead.

“We have to pay attention to these people who have given us many things. Elders are important. It’s something that touches me a lot,” explains the singer, taking care of those who lived with his musical idols at the same time. “They were my first audience. These people knew the time of Elvis personally. »