Datena reveals relationship between band reporters live

Datena reveals relationship between band reporters live

“Attention band reporters, the best reporter team in Brazilian television is already behind me!” he announced. dataa right at the beginning of your program, the Brazil Urgent. But contrary to what happens every day, this time the presenter has revealed the relationship between two of these reporters.

Joking with her studiomate, Datena quipped, “Bottle, who do you think I should call first?” The reporter, interacting only via audio, replied: “The César standing there!”. The Brasil Urgente presenter disagreed, continuing by noting: “No! Who do you think I should call first? Aren’t you a gentleman?”

That’s when Felipe Garrafa picked up the joke and joined Datena’s wave: “Ah! To Giovanna De Boer!” already said with a hint of laughter, while the presenter then gave hints about the new couple. “Giovanna, you want me to call,” the anchor insisted.

“Well then, let’s go to a special moment here at Band where Garrafa has already cast Giovanna De Boer for the screen of Brasil Urgente. Can you promote Giovanna De Boer, Bottle?” asked Datena. The reporter then called his girlfriend live on the Saads channel: “So, first highlight from reporter Giovanna De Boer. Hello Giovanna, where are you?”.

The reporter followed her live entry as normal, but as soon as it ended, she received a question from the moderator: “The question is: is it dating or a friendship bottle?” asked Datena, joking in the style of Silvio Santos. Soon the reporter Felipe Garrafa answered without hesitation: “It’s dating!”.

“Just to announce we have a happy couple here. Young! And we wish Garrafa and Giovanna De Boer all the luck in the world. The bottle is hidden and turning red in the air, poor thing!” Datena continued, while a romantic song made the atmosphere even more auspicious. “Congratulations to you both, I hope it works,” the moderator finally wished.

Reporters Felipe Garrafa and Giovanna De Boer are together (reproduction)