Datena is angry and embarrasses Catia: “Don’t get angry

Datena is angry and embarrasses Catia: “Don’t get angry

The moderator asked the production for help, was not answered promptly and caused a real circus in the show

dataa caused a stir during Catia Fonseca’s performance in Brasil Urgente this Monday 8th.

In the first block, in the “window chat”, the journalist took a few tarot cards with his colleague and their assistant André Mantovanni, but the supposedly fun situation turned into a real embarrassment.

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That’s because Datena asked the production for a photo for the joke, but she didn’t like the “delay” in production. “You’re fooling around with me! I’ll tell you something, see?! Here the guy can die suddenly, it takes a month and a half,” he cried.

At the ear point, one of the professionals indicated that the picture was on his phone, but it was no use. “Oh! Which technical part what? They always complain about the technical part, the technical part is just the best thing we have here,” he continued wryly.

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It even went to Mantovanni. “The question, my son!” demanded the anchor. Catia Fonseca had to join the conversation to defuse the situation. “It’s not coming. Is not here. But don’t get angry!” Said the presenter of Melhor da Tarde.

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Catia Fonseca had to calm Datena's spirit after the journalist quarreled live with the Brasil Urgente team (Photo: reproduction)Catia Fonseca had to calm Datena’s spirit after the journalist quarreled live with the Brasil Urgente team (Photo: reproduction)

Datena is justified

Realizing the situation he had created, the journalist tried to calm down to continue the joke. “I’m not angry, but it’s disrespectful to the viewer who is at home,” he replied.

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