Datena Announces ProducerReporter Appointment on TV on Sound of Ed Sheeran

Datena Announces ProducerReporter Appointment on TV on Sound of Ed Sheeran

Host José Luiz Datena of “Brasil Urgente” (band) wanted to know live if his producer and a reporter were together and ended up announcing the couple’s relationship on national television with a soundtrack. It all took place early in the show, when Datena asked the producer who to call on Ascension while the police show’s reporters were already there — including his girlfriend.

“César, who is different,” replied producer and reporter Felipe Garrafa. “No, who do you think I should call first, aren’t you a gentleman?” Datena asks again. “Oh, then Giovanna de Boer,” says Bottle.

Datena insists on asking again if he wants to call Giovanna, and the producer confirms, repeating “is” several times, already seeming embarrassed he doesn’t appear on video in the show as he usually stays on the production part .

“So, let’s go to a special moment here at Band where Garrafa has already cast Giovanna de Boer on the screen of ‘Brasil Urgente’. Can you announce Giovanna de Boer, Garrafa?” asks the moderator. The producer says yes and says hello to the reporter.

Giovanna enters the program and at the end Datena immediately asks: “Latino [diretor do programa]the question is date or friendship, bottle?” “It’s a date,” the producer confirmed. “It is now [namoro]’ he adds softly.

1  Reproduction / Instagram @felipegarrafa  Reproduction / Instagram @felipegarrafa

Producer and reporter Felipe Garrafa’s last posting on Instagram is alongside reporter Giovanna de Boer on Valentine’s Day, June 12th

Image: Playback / Instagram @felipegarrafa

“Just to announce we have a happy couple here, young and beautiful. We wish Garrafa and Giovanna de Boer all the luck in the world. Bottle is hidden, it’s blushing in the air, poor thing. […] But congratulations to both of them, they are wonderful boys, I hope it works. They are extraordinary guys, too cool, they were the two biggest revelations to come from Rádio Bandeirantes to TV Band,” Datena said.

Datena’s entire speech aired on Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

Despite the obvious surprise, the couple had already published joint photos on their Instagram profiles. “Happy by your side. I love you,” Bottle declared Giovanna on Valentine’s Day, June 12. In July, it was the reporter’s turn to pose with her boyfriend, this time at Escadaria Selarón in Rio de Janeiro.