Danilo Gentili accuses Jair Bolsonaro of wanting to end his

Danilo Gentili accuses Jair Bolsonaro of wanting to end his career

Presenter Danilo Gentili, 43, gave an overview of the year 2022 and highlighted that he suffered political persecution from thenPresident Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who he accuses of “trying to undermine his image”.

In his Twitter profile, Gentili said he had suffered “pressure” from the Bolsonaro government, including after his film How to Become the Worst Student in School was attempted to be censored on the grounds of pedophilia.

“It’s been another year under pressure from another government trying to undermine my image and make me lose my career. Today, however, I once again watched many of the people who asked for my head lose theirs. And I’m still here, solid and strong,” he wrote.

allegation of pedophilia. In March 2022, Danilo Gentili was the target of attacks by Bolsonarists who accused him of representing pedophilia in the 2017 film How to Become the Worst Student in School. At that time, the actor Fábio Porchat was also the target of the allegations.

In the feature film, Porchat plays Cristiano, a man with sexual deviance and owner of the notebook his former classmate (the role of Danilo Gentili) stole at school to write the guide for the “worst student” chosen by the protagonists Pedro (Daniel Pimentel) and Bernardo (Bruno Munhoz).

As a result, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security ordered the suspension of the film’s availability, exhibition and offering on the digital platforms Netflix, Telecine, Globoplay, YouTube, Apple and Amazon. The verdict was overturned.

Following the finding, the ministry also changed the film’s indicative age rating now only for people over 18 because the prospectus said it contained “sexual assault, rape, pedophilia and complex sexual situation.” So far, the film has been recommended for ages 14 and up.

Danilo Gentili countered what he described as “outbursts, false morale and patrol” attacks.

Attacks on Bolsonaro. In recent months, Danilo Gentili has stepped up his posts with criticism and attacks on Jair Bolsonaro, whom he describes as “a coward and without honor”.

Most recently, the presenter scoffed at the expresident’s departure to the United States before the end of the government. The famous also poked federal MP Eduardo Bolsonaro (PLSP) the two even discussed it on social media.