Daniella Navarro in a tiny bikini: "The infidelity isn’t because of your looks, ask Shakira and JLo"   YahooStyle

Daniella Navarro in a tiny bikini: "The infidelity isn’t because of your looks, ask Shakira and JLo" YahooStyle

Now that the topic of infidelity has returned to the table with the latest song from Shakira Y bizarre, Daniela Navarro sent a powerful message to all women to accept themselves for who they are and not feel guilty about their looks.

“My women, infidelity isn’t based on how you look unless you ask Shakira and JLo. The unbeliever is unfaithful because of trash, disloyal and rude,” said the former Celeb House 2 contestant, while sporting a tiny bikini.

Navarro, who has been highlighted for her weight gain lately, wanted to get rid of her physical prejudices and has decided to accept herself for who she is.

“Accept, respect, but most of all appreciate me every day,” he wrote on Instagram. “I confess to you that I still have a Chinese of insecurities and complexes, and yes, many, infinite mistakes that I want to improve, and believe me, life has taught me lessons, every day my eyes appreciate more what I see in the mirror. I have forgiven myself and I have forgiven,” he added.

“Today I’m breaking free from pleasing social media standards, that’s me and yes I’m working to lose weight, for my health and for myself, NOT because some call me fat or for fear of being unfaithful , I’m more than what you see and that’s what I’m learning,” he said.

According to the Venezuelan actress and model, she has more than once feared how her physical appearance might affect her work, but she has found that she prefers to accept who she is today.

Daniella Navarro in a tiny bikini quotThe infidelity isnt because

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“Often I’ve been scared of getting overweight because of my work, but my talent doesn’t come from my body, and when producers want skinny and beautiful women with no talent, that abounds, hahahhahaha,” he said. “My talent comes from birth, my discipline comes from years and my love of art is infinite, I’m more than a body, let’s break standards,” he said.

As a result of its publication, many have expressed their solidarity with Navarro and applauded his words: “I see you very pretty ❤️”; “You are beautiful, how many wouldn’t want that amazing body you have”; “Body Strength 🔥”; “That’s why I support you and I will continue to support you,” they told him.