1676426470 Daniele Dal Moro My sister received death threats because of

Daniele Dal Moro: “My sister received death threats because of Martina, she wants to kill me”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Daniele Dal Moro continues to accuse Martina Nasoni of wanting to march on their relationship, an attitude he says he had already adopted at the end of their first Big Brother.

Daniele Dal Moro My sister received death threats because of

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Daniele Dal Moro keep accusing Martina Nasoni wanting to march in their relationship, to work out the victim role in order to be able to win an audience at home. A few days after his ex entered the Casa del Big Brother VIPRelations between the two cooled. Daniele has decided to get closer to Oriana Marzoli, accusing the ex of only wanting to take advantage of their relationship. Martina took a step back, hurt, and came back to accuse him of treating her badly. That attitude would have annoyed Daniele so much that he would have told what happened a few years ago, after their first experience on the reality show.

Daniele Dal Moro’s family would have suffered the effects of the relationship with Martina

Speaking to Micol Incorvaia about the relationship with the ex, Daniele confided that his family paid for some of the impact that the relationship with Martina had created on the couple’s fans. “In the meantime her clip is finished, the clip as a victim has also come to her in this round,” Daniele accused, “where’s the good if she’s ready to kill me? who loves whom I won’t say another word about this speech, but thinking about it makes me shit. My sister got letters with death threats because I made Martina sick. You have no idea how much shit my family ate for that speech. Until it’s time for me I get dressed I don’t care. But my sister was 20, my grandmother was scared.”

Daniele Dal Moro preferred Oriana Marzoli to Martina Nasoni

Daniele clearly made his choice and despite Martina’s entry into the Casa, he preferred not to ruin his relationship with the Venezuelan. Nasoni has never hidden that she is still attached to her ex-boyfriend, but she was forced to acknowledge Daniele’s decision and take a painful step back.