Daniele Dal Moro and Oriana Marzoli a moment of rest

Daniel Dal Moro: "Oriana, I have no clear ideas" Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

“Today we’re taking a day off, a day when we don’t think. Do you want?” he asks Daniel to Orianathe two candidates seem to have isolated themselves from the others, from the party, from the rest of the Vikings.

The two VIPs are hugging on the sofa next to the pool table and Oriana still hasn’t answered this question, then wakes up and asks in turn: “What does that mean? A truce?”

“Let’s pretend we met today,” says Daniele confidently, trying to isolate the negativity of the day. “So you don’t want to hang out with me tomorrow?” The influencer asks uncertainly, but the entrepreneur’s intention is different: “I don’t want you to feel bad and put yourself in the wrong situation”.

“I see you’re not doing well and I don’t like that,” emphasizes the VIP, “I can’t pretend to think certain things.” That said, the reality is that there are some contradictions between the two, every day things seem to change, have a different name. Every day there are new answers, but with them also new doubts.

“You’ll be almost certain that you can’t pretend nothing happened,” Oriana thinks out loud, not wanting to give in to the nervousness again. “There are some things I’m not clear about, I can’t pretend nothing happened,” Daniele continues, bringing the linchpin of the speech back to the words already said during the day.

Then the VIP ends his speech: “I thought it was a game for both of us, then I saw you cry and then things changed.” The hug doesn’t break, but at least the distance between the two seems to have disappeared. Is it a real peace or just a temporary truce?

Shortly thereafter, the two candidates move to the swimming pool to have more privacy. The tones between the two begin to get more turbulent. The peace of the hug on the sofa, the stillness and smiles of a few that caught my eye before seem to be replaced by silence and distance.

Daniele remains firmly in his position, he doesn’t trust, he can’t erase what happened between Oriana and the other men in the house, neither can he trust himself. For her part, Oriana no longer knows how to try to make her competitor understand that she has changed, that she really wants to get involved.

“I understand what you’re talking about, I’m not someone who forces you to do something you don’t want to do,” says the competitor sincerely, and the entrepreneur emphasizes, “I don’t have a clear idea.”

“I’m not sure what I’m doing,” emphasizes the competitor, who has the least intention of hurting his travel companion. In his uncertainties and insecurities, in his hesitations, he risks hurting someone important to him. Things would have gone differently at the beginning of the VIP move into the house, but now the confidence is far away: “If you prefer a direct trunk, trunk”.

After a tough confrontation, the two competitors try to find a solution: live in the present and everything is sealed with a new, more conscious, deeper embrace.

“I didn’t want to lose you,” Oriana says sincerely, then Daniele takes her hand, sanctioning their pact: to be real and not play new games. Will they stick to their intentions?