Daniel Bisogno criticizes Selena Gómez’s body and the networks do not forgive him

Daniel Bisogno, emblematic presenter of the Ventaneando program, harshly criticized the singer Selena Gómez for a video that she uploaded to her TikTok account. In the shot, the actress flaunted her body as it is, making the Mexican woman uncomfortable, who assured her to “pucker up just for the photo”. Signals that do not forgive him on social networks.

Daniel Bisogno’s remarks
Also, I point out “that he wants to rest as a pulquero”. Regarding Selena Gómez’s stance, Daniel Bisogno pointed out that it’s important that “within the best you can see, you look the best you can.”

The situation didn’t end there, the driver pointed out that “there’s no reason to show the mole with hair you have there”. A comment regarding one of the birthmarks the actress has on her crotch.

Comments frowned upon by Selena Gómez fans, who agreed that Daniel Bisogno had no right to criticize them.

What content has Selena Gómez released?

Earlier this week, Selena Gómez posted a video on a TikTok account in a bathing suit, showing off her stomach naturally. During the recording, a voice can be heard telling the actress to simulate her stomach.

Ahead of the signal the Disney actress delivered, she said emphatically, “I’m going to give a fuck**. Real bellies are back, okay? A recording that quickly went viral, racking up more than 17.5 million views.

It’s not the first time Selena Gómez has been criticized for her looks. However, the video received approval from its followers. “You are the most beautiful in the world.” “My big motivation Selena.” “The most perfect woman in the world,” were some comments showing her support for the actress.

The controversies of Daniel Bisogno

It is not the first time that Daniel Bisogno has caused controversy for his statements, before this controversy the actor pointed out that Yahir does not dominate driving and assured that Alan Tacher or Ingrid Coronado should be in his place, who already has experience in both have wheels like in “The Academy”.

Another episode the Ventaneando host recalled was when he said that “we’re becoming a glass generation,” in reference to the episode starring Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars.