Dance with me the words of Cristiana Capotondi celebrate the

“Dance with me”, the words of Cristiana Capotondi celebrate the strength of women

A great start: Dance with me by Roberto Bolle He opened Rai’s in 2023 with a show that mixes dance and words, amazing guests and talent.

The dancers accompanied them Christian Capotondi and Luca Zingaretti, and if it was a debut for the actress, since she had never participated in the New Year’s show in the past, it’s a return to the stage of the show for the face of Montalbano and The King, because that’s what it was in included in the 2020 edition.

Dance with me, Cristiana Capotondi celebrates the power of women

An all-round show from which the Dance is the protagonist, but that mixes with entertainment and important food for thought. For the sixth time in a row we went on stage dance with me by Roberto Bolle and there were many i unforgettable moments this show of the highest quality.

Among them stand out the words by Cristiana Capotondi who has celebrated the strength of women remember some female figures who, with their commitment and their work, managed to tear down “the wall of prejudice”.

The actress appeared on the stage in a beautiful black evening dress enriched with sensual transparencies. In his hands a bicycle and in the clay the intensity of who gives women a voice that changed the story.

“The first bike I got on was a wreck – she said – but it was still love at first sight. So on Sundays, instead of going to mass, I got on a bike and ran to races. In a skirt, eh, Ed I was always the only woman. Then I started wearing shorts to show my calves and my parents discovered me and forced me to get married. But do you know what the wedding present I asked my husband for is? A racing bike and with it I took part in the Giro d’Italia: it was the first time that a woman takes part in a Giro d’Italia”. Then Cristiana Capotondi revealed whose story she was telling: “My name is Alfonsa, do you actually call me Alfonsina: Alphonsina Strada“.

The actress’ intervention continued, “Some consider me the mother of modern physics, and yet I am I had to fight to enroll in university, I had to fight to graduate, and even on the day I received the Nobel Prize, someone stood against me, someone dared to say that I had been favored by the great prestige of my husband Pierre. But I am Marie, I am Marie Curie“.

Cristiana Capotondi continued with another woman: “I never went to dance school, I was always self-taught: since I was a child I would stand in front of the mirror and try movements with simple fabrics and with the reverberation of the light. No technique, just instinct, sound, light. No stiff corsets, just long silk tunics that swirled around my body in the light, transforming me into a true living work of art. My name is Loie Fuller and I am a dancer who is considered a pioneer of lighting technology.”

Women who were pioneers, who managed to break down prejudices and fight for a more just world without differences.

“There are of the roads that we women can drive today just because some women, for example these women, have traveled them before us tear down the wall of prejudice. Women like Loïe Fuller and Isadora Duncan, who are considered two pioneers of American modern dance.”

Dance with me, between honors and a great show

dance with me Give one away every year great show to the public. And in this sixth installment of the show, the Giveaways like the one with which Roberto Bolle and Virginia Raffaele dedicated Monica Vitti sauerkrautthe song became popular thanks to the actress who died in 2022. And again this for Ezio Bosso with a solo by Bolle to the song Rain, in your black eyes.

The words didn’t fail. Luca Zingaretti made a Monologue about kindness Speaking of the new year: “Into this year 2023, which we wish for with hope and instead arrive full of uncertainty and think about our lives Why don’t we try to think about other people’s lives too?. Because there’s a beautiful word that seems alive in the shadows lately, as if needlessly forgotten. This word is friendliness“.

Many guests: from Elio to the already mentioned Virginia Raffaele, from Alberto Angela to Claudia Gerini, Edoardo Leo and Paola Minaccioni, without forgetting singers like Durdust, Dargen D’Amico and Blanco and the many high-ranking names of the dance world.