Damiano David: "Without Giorgia Soleri I would have died. I will report whoever posted the video" La Gazzetta dello Sport

The Maneskin frontman after the separation from the influencer. The video is the one in which he kissed someone else

Damiano Davidthe charismatic frontman of Maneskin, has broken his silence after the end of the romance Giorgia Soleri. And in an interview on Gianluca Gazzoli’s podcast, he expressed his feelings and revealed intimate details of their relationship. “Without Giorgia I would have died” He confessed and then added that he had it intention to report who posted the famous video of him kissing another girl.

a long relationship

The Damiano-Giorgia couple has been together for a long time six long years, apparently in an open relationship. The two met before the Roman band achieved international fame. Damiano confirms that their relationship was one fundamental part of his life. “I think it would have been different if I had been single, I probably would have died. “I probably would have gotten myself killed in a horrible way when I was 21, but I’m 24,” the singer admitted.

the relationship to gossip

The separation between Damiano and Giorgia was not without turbulence. The two had decided to announce their separation together, which unfortunately they did preceded by an indiscreet fan who released a video in which Damiano was seen kissing another girl in a nightclub, throwing their relationship into disarray. In this context, Damiano emphasized his private life it should stay that way. “Privacy exists and must remain that way,” he emphasizes. “It’s crazy to me that people are taking out their phones and taking photos and videos of me, it’s completely crazy.” Lack of humanity“When I’m in a quiet situation, I like to take photos with people and exchange a few words, because you can get caught.” Interesting people and some people who asked for a photo were nice and even spent the evening with us. It’s not the arrogance, it’s that Respect for the person. Just be afraid of being unpleasant. I don’t feel uncomfortable saying no to a photo, I do I have a motivation if I tell you no. I’ve often been asked for a photo when I was in the hospital having my hand operated on. Often it is the fanaticism of having the photo with you. It’s also part of the magic, we have the great privilege of making it happen higher emotions compared to other people’s daily ones. This is something magical and a privilege, so you have to accept the negative part too. Not everyone has this self-control, but this Respect for private life and the human sphere is fundamental.

the pending complaint

“I don’t understand how anyone could think to take out their phone and make a video of me kissing another girl,” Damiano said. “You’d rather keep it and do whatever you want with it, but don’t publish it. Why are you posting this? Because you want your moment of glory, but you have to do it on my shoulders,” he comments bitterly. “I know who published it, I even wrote to him and told him.” said I’ll report it“, announced the singer.

September 26th – 8:10 p.m