Damiano Carrara in the arms of a very famous woman

Damiano Carrara in the arms of a very famous woman: who knows how much his wife Chiara will endure it iFood

Damiano Carrara in the arms of a very famous womanDamiano Carrara – IFood.it (Instagram photo)

He was seen with her even though he is already married to another woman. Who knows how his wife will take it!

AND one of the most talented pastry chefs in Italy and also one of the most fascinating since its beauty is known to everyone. This actually leads to him being desired by many women, but so far only one person other than the cake shop has managed to break into his heart his wife Chiara.

The two are very close, but They don’t seem to like talking about their relationship. Damiano, who believes that his private life plays no role at all in his career, lets his cooking skills speak for themselves and maintains as professional an attitude as possible.

So far actually He has proven at every opportunity that he is particularly professional, even though throughout his television career he has worked with various women and characters who professionally try to evoke smiles and laughterlike the comedian Katia Follesa, with whom he hosted the show “Cake Star”.

Although the two share a beautiful friendship, However, it seems that this is not the woman Damiano Carrara was recently caught with, but someone much more famous, which television knows very well. That’s him.

Caught with a very famous woman

He is a person with whom He recently started a new television journey. Obviously it’s not Benedetta Parodi, as she has been a judge on Bake Off for some time along with Ernst Knam and Tommaso Foglia.

However, like Parodi it has to do with the world of cooking on television. He hosts a show that airs on Rai and in which it was recently decided to include the pastry chef. Do you understand who it is? That’s him!

1695819738 526 Damiano Carrara in the arms of a very famous womanDamiano Carrara and Antonella Clerici – IFood.it (Instagram photo)

A new adventure with the Queen of Rai

The woman in question is Antonella Clericithe Queen of Rai and the popular presenter of “Oggi è Semper Mezzogiorno”, the show that Recently he also wanted to include Damiano Carraraand assigned him a specific room together with chef Roberto Valubuzzi. That’s why they were seen together.

It seems that Damiano is happy with this new adventure! This is also confirmed by a post he recently posted on his Instagram, which portrays him with Clerici. Here’s what he wrote: “I’m thrilled to begin this new extraordinary adventure at Today is Always Midday. Thank you Antonella Clerici, fantastic host, you immediately made me feel at home.

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