Dakota Cooke, the girl with the beard, is a star on TikTok: “I used to shave my face twice when I was 13…

Dakota Cooke, the girl with the beard, is a star on TikTok: “I used to shave my face twice when I was 13…

Is called Dakota CookeShe’s 30 years old, defines herself as non-binary, and she is Star among American TikTok users. The secret of his success lies in the beard. In fact, Dakota noticed one for the first time unusual facial hair growth when he was 13. Her childhood was marked by this circumstance, which prompted her to trim her beard twice a day. Many doctors consulted him, but the reason for this anomaly lies in hormonal problems: his adrenal glands produce high levels of testosterone. But now, at 30, the Tiktoker is taking revenge: Decided to stop cutting hair and “I feel sexier than ever” he told the Chron.

He recalls the years when he had to trim his beard: “It was super uncomfortable and I didn’t even know how to shave my legs at the time. I grew up in a time when… Women with facial hair were so stigmatized that the women in the salon told me that girls shouldn’t grow facial hair. It stuck with me because for the next ten years I’m just plunged into a spiral of shame where I tried to hide my face in photos and got waxed every week. I got to a point when I got one of my first jobs, this I shaved my face twice a day, one in the morning and then during the break because the hair was so visible and I worked in the makeup department, where being anything but a stereotypical woman was not acceptable.

2015 the turning point: Dakota learned to accept himself and began to grow a beard without shame: “My family and friends have been very supportive on my journey of self-acceptance […] My followers on TikTok have been amazing too and I love answering their questions and getting support […]”.

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