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Dahmer’s cannibalism is referenced in pop culture songs; understand Criminal Sciences Channel

The acclaimed, controversial and hit Netflix series Dahmer: An American Cannibal introduced a public unfamiliar with true crime films and series to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, a Milwaukee, Wisconsinborn criminal who committed a series of horrific crimes (murder, sexual assault, necrophilia and cannibalism) between 1978 and 1991.

Actor Armie Hammer, accused of cannibalism, becomes the subject of a series

The series stars Evan Peters and has been in Netflix’s TOP 10 since it launched last week.

With the popularity of the series, some people noticed that the killer’s name had been used on several pop culture songs.

Check out the songs that feature Dahmer’s name

Katy Perry’s Dark House

Due to the huge success of the series, some fans of singer Katy Perry were now able to understand the lyrics of the famous song released in 2013.

dahmerImage: fireflies

In one of the song’s excerpts, rapper Juicy J performing a feat. sings with the artist:

“She’s a beast, I call her Karma. She eats your heart like Jeffrey Dahmer.”

There has been a lot of talk about the “discovery” on social media, and the artist has been criticized for using the name of a serial killer.

And Katy Perry, who made Rock in Rio scream Jeffrey Dahmer’s name. It even seems like a homage, a song that talks about magic and quotes it. This confused magic and satanism and that’s why he did what he did. But… Take it how you want. @Katy Perry pic.twitter.com/wYAJ5xGlLh

— Luanderson Camilo (@UmLuan) September 24, 2022

Ke$ha’s “Cannibal”

Singer Ke$ha had saved a hit of hers that also mentions the serial killer’s name.

In the 2010 song “Cannibal,” the singer talks about a woman who “eats man’s hearts for breakfast.”

dahmerImage: Youtube

But it’s not just this reference to the cannibal serial killer:

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother wanted her brain examined

“Be Too Cute And You’ll Be A Goner / I’ll Turn Into Jeffery Dahmer”

In videos circulating on social media, Ke$ha appears performing the song at a concert. A dancer holds a heart, she takes the imitation organ and drinks a red liquid from it that simulates blood.

Not only did Kesha quote killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Cannibal, who appeared during the tour as he ripped a guy’s heart and drank blood, she was quite criticized at the time pic.twitter.com/1gUeWFL7ux

— Diego Gomes (@putsdiego) September 25, 2022

“213” by Slayer

The band Slayer uses the name Jeffrey Dahmer as the protagonist of the song “213” released in 1994.

The song refers to the apartment number where the serial killer committed the most crimes.

dahmerImage: Youtube

In controversial lyrics, the song speaks of necrophilia and cannibalism.

“Primitive instinct, a passion for flesh/ Primal food in the masses of death/ Sadistic acts, a love so true/ Impressive to chew a part of you.”

Jeffrey Dahmer by Soulfly

Also in Soulfly’s song “Jeffrey Dahmer” everything revolves around the deeds of the serial killer.

“Chasing prey through the night / dismembering every part of the body / hunting, killing in the night / consuming every part of the body”.

dahmerImage: Youtube

Pearl Jeans “Dirty Frank”

Discover the true story that inspired Dahmer: An American Cannibal

Pearl Jam also quotes the killer in “Dirty Frank”. The song was inspired by the band’s tour bus driver, who, considered by them to be “strange”, made the song a joke that he was a cannibal serial killer.

“Frank “Dirty” Dahmer is a gourmet chef, yes/ I have a recipe for AngloSaxon soup/ She just wanted in so she chilled/ Now the little groupie’s getting cut open in the back.”

dahmerImage: Genius


Eminem, on the other hand, quotes Dahmer in five songs: “Bagpipes from Baghdad”, “Brainless”, “Must Be The Ganja”, “Psycopath Killer” and “Things Get Worse”.

2206094094 EminemImage: Guiame

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