Czech Republic Pavel former NATO general President elect Ukraine at

Czech Republic: Pavel, former NATO general, President elect. Ukraine at the heart of the campaign…

The former General of Born Liberal and pro-European, he defeats the former billionaire and populist prime minister and becomes the new president of the republic Czech for the next five years. The two days of pollwhich arrived after a bitter election campaign marked by controversy and even death threats, marked the victory of Peter Paul in the Czech Republic, which he defeated Andrj Babies Receiving 56.45% against his opponent’s 43.54, according to 80% of ballots examined. According to the latest polls Paul should get 58-59% of the votes overall, compared to 41-42% for it Babies. In the first round, the two competed against each other. The next President takes over Milos Zemanoutspoken and divisive politician who had close ties to Fly before a U-turn after the invasion ofUkraine until Russia.

The dominant theme of the election campaign was the war in Ukraine. Babis had raised many controversy He stated that he would not send any soldiers Poland or in the Baltic countries when attacked, despite the collective defense duties of the Born. “No certainly not. I want peace, I don’t want war. Under no circumstances would I send our children and the children of our wives to war,” the former prime minister replied to a question on the matter debate TV before voting. in reverse, Paul he replied that “if you are part of an alliance, you should not only enjoy the benefits of collective security but also contribute to it”, referring to the obligations of NATO’s Article 5. Babis has focused his campaign on “peace” in Ukraine, who accuses his rival of being a warmonger. A clash of two opposing visions with a lot at stake the electorate and already in the first round the voter turnout was 68.2%. A recording. “The General doesn’t believe in peace. Vote for peace, vote for Babis,” read propaganda posters by the 68-year-old ex-prime minister, who proposed a peace conference Prague to end the war Ukrainewith rhetoric very similar to that of the Hungarian Prime Minister winner Orban. The campaign was also marked by a number of fakeof fake SMS on behalf of Paul inviting people to report to the barracks to fight in Ukraine, which was circulated about the general’s presumed death. A message that the latter, according to the media, sent through the Russian service Jandex and a server located on the island Nevisin which Caribbean. In both cases investigations are ongoing.