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Cystic fibrosis drug recall: Potentially cracked vials pose many risks

Injury, potential contamination, and dose reduction: These are the risks associated with a potential rupture in the vial of a cystic fibrosis drug being recalled by Health Canada.

A total of two lots of the drug Cayston, which is used to treat chronic infections in patients with cystic fibrosis, are affected by the recall, namely 032168 and 033357.

There is a “risk of the glass vials breaking, which could result in glass particles getting into the drug. A broken glass vial can lead to potential injury or lead to potential contamination or dose reduction,” the agency said.

Contamination with the drug could lead to very serious complications in people who are already weakened by the disease.

Anyone in possession of a vial matching any of the affected lots is urged to contact their pharmacist to obtain a replacement product and to send in the affected product for proper disposal.