1690171470 Customer expelled for her assistance dog The Amirs manager

Customer expelled for her assistance dog: The Amir’s manager explains

The manager of the Amir restaurant in the Lachine neighborhood of Montreal, where a woman was allegedly deported because of her service dog, presents a version of the facts that is significantly different from that of the client.

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While Christine Giroux claims the dealer yelled at her to get out and was rude to her, he told TVA Nouvelles that events didn’t go that way.

“We had a nice chat with him and explained to him that the dog is not allowed to eat here. She could choose to take out. It’s a question of hygiene. So a dog is not a clean thing in a restaurant,” says the restaurant manager.

Customer expelled for her assistance dog The Amirs manager

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The latter claims he never attacked the customer. He defends himself by saying that he was not aware that it was an assistance dog.

“I never acknowledged that he was a service dog. Also, until the police arrived, she never indicated that it was a service dog. Personally, I thought that assistance dogs only existed for blind people or blind people,” claims the dealer.

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