Curvy Zelma teaches fashion for plus  size girls in low  cut denim looks

Curvy Zelma teaches fashion for plus size girls in low cut denim looks

The curvy Zelma again caused a stir on social networks, because with its recent publication Tiktok and Instagram wasted beauty and gave fashionable chair by showing off a Low cut denim lookconfirms itself as the benchmark for style for plus size girls.

Zelma Cheremreal name of the former candidate of the program “Survivor”, which is also remembered for her participation as a presenter in the program “Viva la tarde”, has already positioned itself as a style icon for women curvybecause it shows that taste in fashion has nothing to do with size.

Curvy Zelma conquers in the low-cut denim look

It was this Wednesday evening zelma shared a video of him wearing one with his thousands of followers Low cut denim look wasting style and beauty on it, because no doubt the driver combined the clothes so that they matched perfectly Summer.

Curvy shines in nets and conquers with her beauty. Photo: TK @curvyzelma

To the curvy and other famous tick tock has become one of their favorite social networks because they can share videos in which they show themselves at their funniest side, sometimes also at their most sensual, like in the host’s last release.

CheremShe also shared the clip with her 732,000 fans on Instagram, which accompanied the phrase, “I believe in the turns life takes and everything is momentary. Getting closer. #curvyzelma #curvylovers #ootd #love #beauty”, pictures in which she can be seen in a flirty blouse outfit denim Corset style, with buttons, which she paired with jeans of the same color.

“#parati #curvyzelma #viral #quotes #frases #love #fyp #foryou,” he captioned the images on the Chinese platform, where he has more than 371,000 followers so far and managed to amasse 2.1 million “likes.” collect. . “.

Winner of TV Azteca’s morning show I want to sing! Winner, crowned winner of TV Azteca’s 2019 show This is my style, confirms with every look that she’s a lover by himfashionable and classy for plus size girls.