Curious incident: sheep accidentally eat 100 kilos of cannabis

09/27/2023 2:09 pm (current 09/27/2023 2:09 pm)

Herd of sheep devoured a lot of medicinal cannabis. ©Canva

A flock of sheep in Greece is making unusual headlines after they sheltered themselves from violent floods in a greenhouse and inadvertently consumed quantities of medicinal cannabis.

In the Greek region of Thessaly, an unusual story caused controversy when a flock of sheep ended up unwittingly consuming more than 100 kilograms of medicinal cannabis after strange behavior.

An unusual incident

An ordinary pasture observation turned into a bizarre discovery for a shepherd in the region of Thessaly. While observing his flock of sheep, he noticed extremely unusual behavior among the animals. They seemed distracted, turned their heads and were clearly not paying attention. Concerned about the strange behavior of his flock, the shepherd set out to find the cause of this strange situation.

A strange find

The solution to the mystery was as surprising as it was bizarre. The shepherd found a cannabis plantation that his sheep appeared to have “invaded”. The animals had already consumed more than 100 kilos of medicinal cannabis. The plants, normally grown for medicinal purposes, found their way into the sheep’s bellies.

The plantation owner’s disbelief

The plantation owner could barely hide his astonishment and told the news portal “”: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. We had the heat wave and lost a large part of the production. We had the floods. and they lost almost everything . And now this. After all this, a herd of sheep, I don’t know how they did it, came into the facility and started eating what was left. I really don’t know what I should say.”

The consequences of extreme weather conditions

The sheep incident is just one facet of the difficulties that Greek agriculture has faced recently. Extreme weather conditions, including a heat wave with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius in the middle of summer and devastating forest fires, had already caused enormous damage. Severe storms followed in early September, especially in central Greece. Amounts of rain fell there that exceeded the German annual average in just a few days. This led to significant loss of life and livestock and caused enormous damage to crops and pastures in the Thessaly region.

An imminent danger for livestock

The devastating impact of these weather conditions goes beyond the unusual incident in the sheep herd. Due to the lack of pasture, many animals are in danger. Tyrnavos Municipality Mayor Yianis Kokouras warned: “If there is no immediate help to feed livestock, the animals that survived the disaster will starve to death.” It can be assumed that the desperate flock of sheep crossed the cannabis plantation in search of food.