Cubans on humanitarian parole are stranded at Mexico’s    airport

Cubans on humanitarian parole are stranded at Mexico’s airport

About thirty Cubans with me Parole approved on humanitarian grounds to travel to the United States, they complain that the Mexican immigration authorities do not allow them to take a plane from Tapachula Airport.

“We need help. We are a group of Cubans here at Tapachula International Airport trying to fly to the United States or Mexico City […] We even called the national immigration office in Mexico City and they tell us that The airport is the one that has to let us fly and here they tell us no‘ stated one of those affected in a video broadcast by the press.

The migrant asked for guidance and help from journalists to make the case visible but remembered the approved probation expires within 90 days.

“Time is running out and we don’t know what to do”added the woman, who said they tried to seek help from immigration officials and COMAR, but that no one had “a clear answer” on the case.

“This is an official document of the United States government”concluded the migrant who led the case of a Cuban who had already missed his flight yesterday.

Journalist Mario J. Pentón called Mexican journalists on Twitter to report on the situation of immigrants on parole who are being denied entry by the Tapachula authorities.

This is shown in a video published by the moment when an airport terminal official asked Cubans for a permit to transit through Mexican territory.

Those affected affirm that it may take several weeks to obtain the license and again point out that the probation expires 90 days after it is issued.

In order to curb the massive illegal migration, US President Joe Biden announced on 5 new humanitarian probation program to allow 30,000 immigrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti to enter the country legally every month as long as they meet certain requirements.

The initial accreditation of sponsor may be issued by USCIS in up to 24 hours. The rest of the process leading up to the beneficiary’s travel authorization should take less than a month.

Once the beneficiary receives notification that their case has been approvedbe approved to enter the United States by air only within 90 days.

The travel authorization does not guarantee entry into the United States, which is at the discretion of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at each port of entry.

since mid-January the first Cubans began to arrive in the United States beneficiaries of the program.