Cubans among 79 migrants detained by California border police

Cubans among 79 migrants detained by California border police

U.S. border patrol detained 79 migrants, including an unspecified number of Cubans, at the California border, authorities reported on Friday.

San Diego Border Patrol chief Aaron M. Heitke posted a picture of it on Twitter the undocumentedand explained that agents continue to find large groups of immigrants entering the United States illegally.

The 79 were arrested on Thursday morning, he emphasized.

He also clarified that the group, made up of citizens from Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cubaalthough he did not specify the number by nationality.

Arrests of Cubans at the United States and Mexico border crossings have increased in recent months in the context of the Cuban migration crisis and since the Nicaraguan government lifted visa requirements for residents of the Caribbean island. This, in addition to the economic and political crisis in this nation, has led to an unprecedented exodus.

Cubans were also arrested in two groups in early August 297 migrants found near the town of La Grullafrom Starr County, Texas, by border patrol officers from the city of Rio Grande.

The Cubans were found in two large groups entering the United States via the border with Mexico.

The note notes that in just two days, 297 undocumented migrants were arrested, including 140 single adults, 106 members of family units (four are minors with US citizenship) and 51 unaccompanied children.

Especially the migration crisis on the island is more evident at the US-Mexico border, where they arrived 177,848 Cubans apply for refuge Politicians from October 1 to July 31, according to official figures announced on Tuesday.

With less than two months remaining in fiscal 2022, the overland migration flow of Cubans broke a new record, representing the largest irregular exodus from Cuba in United States history.

Statistics released by the Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show that the avalanche of Cubans through the border strips of the United States territory increased to 20,496 last July, after a slight decrease recorded in June (16,448).

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