Cuban who Andy Vázquez asked for help doesn’t want more money donated

Cuban who Andy Vázquez asked for help doesn’t want more money donated

Javier Milanthe young cuban migrant for whom Andy Vázquez asked the Cuban community for help he thanked them for being on the street without money and work more than $5,000 they donated to him in a few hoursbut asks you not to send it anymore.

He thinks the money he’s received so far is enough to rent for a few months and use that time to focus on looking for a job. He doesn’t want to live on donations, he wants to work.

“I wanted to thank the entire Cuban community for everything they have helped me […] I just want to work, another chance to get ahead, and thanks to you I will have it, but I want them to stop donating to me what I want is to work‘ said Javier Milán during a live broadcast on Facebook along with Andy Vazquez.

“He called me and said: I don’t want them to give me more money, I want to work,” repeated the comedian, who described the boy’s attitude as “very nice”.

“We appreciate the Cuban community for what they have done for this boy, but don’t give any more money. We never thought we would get even 2,000 pesos, we got 5,000 and he decided to quit. If it was someone else, he stays calm and keeps fucking“, added the artist, who emphasized that the donation issue had “gone out of control” in terms of intensity on the part of the donors.

The comedian explained that at that moment he would be picking up Javier from the hotel he had paid for for three days and that he would take him to a “room” where he could stay for two weeks until he found a rental, which he could pay for a few months, stay with some money to eat and find a job during that time.

“Soon Andy will tell you how I’m doing”concluded the young man.

More than 14,000 people have reacted to the video and hundreds have praised Javier Milán’s stance in comments they call honest.

The young Cuban, who slept at Miami International Airport for several days, received overwhelming support hours after the comedian Andy Vazquez Appealing to the sensibilities of the Cuban community living in Miami.

Both performed live on Facebook on Tuesday. During the two-hour broadcast, they received calls from a large number of Cubans living in various US cities to offer financial and emotional support to Javier.

After a journey that started in Guyana and took him to 15 countries, the young man never thought he would end up on the streets. After spending about five months in Miami, when he arrived in the city he could no longer live in the place where he was received. With no work permit, a bag of bread and only $5 in his pocket, he had no choice but to take to the streets.

Milan had undertaken a long journey through Latin American countries that included the perilous crossing of the Darien Jungle, from where he explained that after ten days of walking he had left “with sore feet”. He then left for Mexico, where he spent a month in Tapachula waiting for the money to be transported through Mexico to the border.