Cuban teenager murdered in a hotel in

Cuban teenager murdered in a hotel in Mexico

One of the two young Cubans was shot dead in the early hours of this Monday, January 23, at the Hotel La Silla in the Mexican city Montereyin the state of Nuevo León, was a Teenager just 17 years old.

stated that the murdered young man, whom it identified as Jairon Abraham Cruz and a resident of the Boyeros community in Havana, He had arrived in the country in Mexico on January 5 with his mother, four-year-old sister and stepfather, with the aim of entering the United States. The family had an immigration appointment in February.

“They broke down the door and all I saw was the gun. I took the girl and locked myself in the bathroom. I only felt two shots. They shot through the door, but as he pushed to keep it from opening, he hit him.”the mother, Yamisleidys González, explained through tears to the above medium.

The minor was killed in room 130, while the attackers later went to room 226, from where they took the other young man, whom they shot and left in the hallway. The authorities are investigating the causes of the crimes.

The attackers not only shot the teenager dead, but also kidnapped Yamisleidys’ husband, Gabriel Fernández, whom they beat and who managed to escape after jumping out of the vehicle they were transporting him in.

“My husband kicked the car for unlocking it unnoticed, ran and threw himself in front of the police,” the woman added.

The portion of the family who lives in Miami is devastated by the tragedy.

“I hit and stabbed myself for saying I’m dreaming, that’s not true. And she said to me, ‘Oh mommy, my boy, they killed him,'” Caridad Sotolongo, Jairon’s grandmother, told the above Miami outlet.

“This is my little brother who I adore and I’ve been waiting for that hug he promised me via video call,” said Gretel, the deceased’s sister, who also doesn’t believe the misfortune has happened.

The family survivors are in an emergency shelter and are being counseled by immigration attorney Wilfredo Allen on how to be reunited soon.

“Once again, we face the danger faced by any person transiting through Mexico seeking an opportunity to seek asylum in the United States,” the attorney said.

Jairon’s family indicated that the other murdered young man, who could not be identified, was Colombian, information that is at odds with that of all Mexican media, which confirm that the two victims are Cuban nationals.

According to various reports in the Mexican press, at least two people entered the hotel, where witnesses reported firearm detonations.

the The alleged suspect in both crimes is Jesús R., 29 years old.who said he was a driver for a transport request, and who affirmed having served three men who fled after the crime.

Authorities found a 9mm gun and bloodstains in the back of the black Chevrolet Aveo that Jesús was driving.