Cuban mother attacked with hammers in Bolivia Directorio

Cuban mother attacked with hammers in Bolivia Directorio

A Cuban mother, identified as 27-year-old Ayamey CN, was attacked in the head by her ex-partner with a hammer in an assassination attempt in Bolivia, leaving the young woman, mother of two, in hospital for several days and suffering serious injuries to her skull, local media including the Santa Cruz newspaper confirmed.

The events happened two weeks ago on a Sunday evening in the city of San José, in the Bolivian municipality of La Guardia. The attacker was identified as Juan Carlos Maldonado Cortés, a 26-year-old bricklayer by profession, with whom she had had a loving relationship for more than two years.

The man brutally attacked her with a hammer, hit her on the head at least six times with the hammer, and then fled. The Cuban citizen was hospitalized for several days

in the capital, Santa Cruz, suffered a collapsed skull and other head and hand injuries. The Cuban woman’s screams alerted her family, her mother and two minor children, who came to her aid and found her covered in blood.

Attempted assassination of a Cuban in Bolivia

The Cuban woman underwent multiple surgeries while the complaint against her assailant was filed with the National Police, who are still searching for her assailant. The man is said to have attacked the Cuban woman after an argument because he arrived drunk at the house where she lived with her minor children, aged three and seven. She was sleeping when she was suddenly attacked with the hammer.

“The second blow he gave me with the hammer woke me up. “I had to crawl to the door to ask for help,” said Ayamey, the victim.

According to the report, the children were traumatized when they saw that she was covered in blood and that her head was sunken and even the youngest of them still did not dare to be with her. The woman will be disabled for at least 50 days while she recovers from injuries and surgery, but she will survive.

Ayamey came to Bolivia four years ago with her mother and two children, settled there and worked as a cashier. A little over two years ago, she met her attacker, who was initially “very romantic” with her but eventually wanted to put an end to her.