Cuban health worker dies trying to cross the Darién

Cuban health worker dies trying to cross the Darién

A Cuban woman from Santiago de Cuba has died trying to reach the United States. Relatives state that she could not bear to traverse the Darién Jungle and are asking the authorities for help in recovering her body.

The young woman identified as Marina, 34, a laboratory graduate, was a former healthcare worker in Venezuela who escaped the mission to seek a new life in the United States, but suffered a heart attack while attempting to cross the Darién .

Netizen Rosangela Ferrán, cousin of the deceased, mourned her death on social networks: “My girl, my sweet little cousin, another life in which we search for a better future for her family and cross the Darién jungle. What a great pain that we couldn’t say goodbye to you Marina cunt why so so I couldn’t say goodbye to you.

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Ferrán asked for help in recovering his cousin’s body: “My cousin, a laboratory graduate, left behind a disabled child. She asked the government for help a million times and she never gave her an answer, she was in need. After such a long time, they sent her on a mission where she had worse conditions than here in Cuba, so she decided to desert and on the journey she couldn’t stand it and suffered a heart attack. They left his body in the jungles of Panama, whoever sees this publication please help us, we beg you, even when it comes to recovering his body, ask the Cuban government to do something, as thousands of young people are doing the same go through, pros, no future,” he wrote.


Although Cubans use the route to travel through Nicaragua to reach Mexico and then the United States, crossing the Darién Jungle, the point between Panama and Colombia, is still a route taken up by citizens of the largest of the Antilles looking for a better route will be frequented future.

Last July, Cuban Yadaris Carrazana Acosta asked the Panamanian authorities for help in locating the body of her mother, who died days earlier in the Darién jungle.

According to her complaint, the lady answered the name of Yuliet Acosta Pérez and died at the place where thousands of Cubans passed on their way to the United States.

In June, another Cuban woman, identified as Diana Guzmán, was interviewed by AFP and said that everything was stolen from her in the Darién jungle. The migrant asked for help to continue her migration to the United States, having arrived in Honduras after a risky overland journey from South America.

“The journey was quite tough because when we entered the jungle we didn’t think we would get through the work we did. The jungle between Panama and Colombia, they robbed us there… They took everything from us, the food we brought was trampled on. They took our phones away from us. They were dressed in black, with shotguns, and whoever objected or said anything (…) they hit him with the shotgun and left her there,” he explained to the Cuban, noting that the criminals left her naked and tied up in the jungle He explained that other migrants found them, untied them and gave them clothes and food, and an indigenous community from Panama supported them.