1676408433 Cuban arrested in Hialeah for setting fire to his fathers

Cuban arrested in Hialeah for setting fire to his father’s trucks Directorio

A 24-year-old Cuban resident of Hialeah, Pedro Rojas Jr., was arrested this week after his father identified him as the perpetrator of the fire in his rental truck. The person was caught on surveillance cameras as he was responsible for both transports being destroyed by fire.

According to press reports from Miami, Rojas Jr. was arrested earlier this month for setting fire to the trucks his father was working with. He is now facing charges from the district police for “second-degree arson”. A security camera captured the exact moment the young man set fire to two trucks.

The local police received the report from the father himself, who recognized his son as the perpetrator. The arrest report reveals that Rojas poured gasoline on the hoods of the trucks, lit a match and threw it at every one of the ways his father made a living in the United States. With the fire burning, it looks like Rojas is leaving the premises.


Precisely because of the incident, the victim and the arrested man’s father told the police that he had lost about $100,000. Apparently, the arrested man had already provoked and destroyed other things earlier in the year. According to the father, in early 2023 he destroyed the family home and cars.

According to the police report on the case, officers located Rojas at Larkin Community Hospital earlier this month. So far, the detainee has not given the reason for these incidents, but it could be linked to family quarrels and terrible relationships between the son and father.

A local sergeant stated that Rojas Jr. asked his father for money, and he denied it. There, the 24-year-old would have gotten excited, thrown stones and then thought of a new way to destroy his father’s business.

Cuban arrested in Hialeah for setting fire to his fathers