Cuba reiterates its support for the Saharawi cause at the

Cuba reiterates its support for the Saharawi cause at the Congress of Resistance and Truth

On the second day of the XVI At the Polisario Front Congress, a speech was given by Yudí Rodríguez Hernández, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, who is leading the Cuban delegation to the event.

Cuba will never stop accompanying the Polisario Front and its heroic people in the struggle for independence and sovereignty, said CCPCC Secretariat member Yudi Mercedes Rodríguez Hernández on the second day of the XVI Polisario Front Congress that is taking place in Argelia.

Rodríguez Hernández carried the fraternal message of the First Secretary of the CCPCC and the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, while recalling leading figures of Saharawi history and political life such as Emhammed Jadad – to whom the Congress is dedicated – and the former President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Mohamed Abdelaziz.

“I also remember Commander Juan Almeida Bosque’s historic voyage to these places in 1972. His extraordinary experiences were recorded in a book he titled something new in the desertwhich brings us closer to the reality of this heroic people and their extraordinary resilience,” recalled the CCPCC member.

He also recalled the words of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, during his speech at the VI. Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, held in Havana on September 3, 1979, when he said that “the right to independence of the courageous Saharawi people and their legitimate representative, the Polisario Front, must be recognized by all”.

In this sense, the Cuban leader emphasized the undeniable guiding principle of Fidel’s thought and the position of the principles of the Cuban Revolution in relation to the cause of the Saharawi people, a line that Army General Raúl Castro Ruz followed with his teachings and which he defends to this day Diaz Canel .

“The resistance of this city, the firmness of its leadership and the commitment of its youth fill us with admiration and commitment,” he said.

The CCPCC member recognized the prestige that the Polisario Front has gained nationally and internationally as the sole legitimate representative of the Saharawi people. “Cuba could not miss this Congress of Resistance and Truth,” he said.

In his words, Yudí Rodríguez Hernández gave an overview of the situation in Cuba and condemned the attacks on the Cuban people that have been going on for 64 years, due to the criminal blockade imposed by the United States government and the unfair listing of countries sponsoring terrorism.

“I can only assure you that Cuba will win. That we will face with determination the cruel media and subversive war waged by the United States government, its allies and political actors, aimed at stalling our economy and destabilizing the Cuban nation in its vain attempt to destroy the revolution.

We will do this with the same firm determination that we used to deal with the aftermath of the Saratoga Hotel accidents, the Supertanker base fire in Matanzas, the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian, and the difficulties the national power system has the potential of socialism, its deeply humanistic and solidarity-based essence,” he said.

He also referred to our country’s unwavering belief in human betterment and in building a better, fairer, and just world. “Nothing and nobody will stop us in our conviction that a better world is possible and necessary and that we will achieve it by seeding ideas, seeding consciousness and with an unchanging belief in victory,” he concluded.