Cuba is the country with the highest number of booster

Cuba is the country with the highest number of booster vaccinations against COVID 19

Cuba is the country with the world’s largest number of COVID-19 booster doses administered to its population to date, the Finlay Institute of Vaccines reported on its Twitter account.

Behind the island are nations such as China, Italy, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, the United States, India, Russia and South Africa, among others.

The source also regrets that more than 220 million people in Latin America still do not have a single dose of an immunogen against the disease caused by SARS-COV-2.

This year our country has started the application of a second booster vaccination to people over 50 years old, in addition to some risk groups, including health workers, the BioCubaFarma group of companies and sectors such as tourism and education; which the island ratifies among the nations that are at the forefront of this process at the international level.

With the expansion of the universe vaccinated with a second booster shot, more than four million elderly and more than 800,000 members of vulnerable groups will be preferred.

Similarly, the country’s leadership and health officials agreed that it is advisable to have the first booster dose of Cuban anti-COVID-19 vaccines in adolescents and young people between the ages of 12 and 18 at least six months after completing the vaccination schedule to administer.

The campaign will cover approximately 848,000 people in these age groups. So far, the booster vaccination was for people aged 19 and over.

According to the daily report of the Cuban Ministry of Health, as of July 2, a total of 7,406,592 people had received booster doses, of which 324,646 as part of the clinical study and 7,081,946 as part of the booster vaccination that is requested for the population of selected areas and risk groups.