Cruelty exists in Quebec

Cruelty exists in Quebec

The chilling testimony of Michelle Bourassa, daughter of former Prime Minister Robert Bourassa, about the brutal and scandalous treatment of her mother, who died in agony at St Mary’s end of life, lifts the veil on the appalling failures of our healthcare system.

La Presse yesterday revealed the nightmare experienced by the Bourassa family at the bedside of 91-year-old Andrée Simard Bourassa.

The medical team refused to carry out the old lady’s last wishes. She had stated that she did not want therapeutic rigor, preferring sedation that would allow her to die without pain.

The pandemic has revealed, through the tragedies that have unfolded in CHSLDs, the bureaucratic disorganization of healthcare facilities, the hopeless inertia of the education system with discouraging results, and the general mismanagement of the DPJ, this organization that for decades has been an example of Quebec’s protector of children .

It took months at the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont and threats of dismissal from the unionized nurses before the authoritarian and incompetent emergency manager was fired.

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Because in the chaos with inhumane structures, which is part of the public service, the robotization of people prevails. Nobody is responsible for anything anymore. Therefore, a decline in empathy can be observed in the territories of Quebec. How is it to be explained that a small society like Quebec, with its 8,600,000 inhabitants, is mired in larger organizational problems than in much more populous countries?

We reject the grim reality of fact that Quebec does not have the means to live up to its ambitions.

The French-speaking majority is unable to raise their children. That is, unable to instill in them a taste for flawless writing and a desire to express themselves correctly without degrading language to the point of incomprehensibility.

The Quebecers insist and sign. Up to 52% are still unable to read a moderately difficult text.

How do you use the language circulating on social networks to encourage a love of reading in Quebec, which is at the bottom of the pack and surpassed by all other Canadian provinces?


Aren’t we cruel to one another, allowing ourselves to be defeated by the ignorant and loudmouths, and calling the young elitist who insist on defending what identity and pride we still have?

We Quebecers have lost our taste for ourselves and prefer that of others who, without complexes, without embarrassment or tenderness, have shaken our few certainties.

Like all complexes, we direct cruelty, that self-loathing, against ourselves and our children. Adopted Quebecers who chose us no longer understand us. They came to us out of affection and to rediscover our proverbial good humor and happy laughter from the days of our now outdated naivety.

It would be a sad twist of fate if cruelty became a characteristic of Quebec.

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