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Croatia: Bill for beer and cevapcici takes the tourist’s shoes off tz.de

A tourist in Croatia paid a large sum for beer and cevapcici on the island of Brac. The tourist didn’t like it either.

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A Balkan holiday can be a great experience, or as a Viennese woman, it can also be a little disappointing thanks to a bill.

Vienna – For many people, a holiday in Croatia is their summer destination. Those who finally made it yearn for the beach, the sun and, sometimes, cevapcici and beer so that they can also enjoy the local culture at the dinner table. However, a Viennese woman had bad experiences with exactly this food combination.

Croatian tourist shocked by Essen: “Ten tasteless cevapcici and a small beer”

Only recently did an account of a tourist in Greece circulate in which he fell out of his shoes. The woman from Vienna had to experience something similar. As reported by the Austrian portal heute.at, the tourist was traveling on the island of Brac and presented herself with something – without knowing how much she would have to pay for it. A small pivo and a portion of cevapcici doesn’t sound like a luxury meal.

She is quoted as indignant on the portal: “Ten tasteless Ćevapčići, a handful of frozen products and a small beer cost me a whole 25 euros”. To stay with the picture of the meal, the woman said after the 17.50 euro meal and the seven euro drink: “I rounded up the bill to 25 euros, but the amount was too heavy on my stomach”.

Croatia prices are constantly rising – not only tourists are irritated

Recently, the ever-higher prices in Croatia have been discussed repeatedly, and the Sunday rules in the country have also changed. Inflation and the euro – the Adriatic Sea country is no longer an insider tip, nor is it a bargain. Other examples from the Viennese explain: “For the big beach bed you paid 40 euros this year and the tourist office charged me a 50 percent surcharge for a boat trip.”

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But it’s not just tourists who are raising the alarm, the president of the Croatian Homestay Association, Barbara Markovic, is also angry about rising prices. Still, a Croatian city tops the list of busiest tourist cities.