Criticism rains down on Frederick Oldenburg, Carmen Villalobos’ new boyfriend

Criticism rains down on Frederick Oldenburg, Carmen Villalobos’ new boyfriend

A few years ago, after several rumors, it was confirmed that actress Carmen Villalobos has a boyfriend. Let’s recall that in mid-2022 he split from his partner Sebastián Caicedo, with whom he had been together for more than thirteen years.

It’s about the moderator Frederick OldenburgBorn in Venezuela, he also works as a sports commentator for “Telemundo”.

And it so happened that the couple was seen very tenderly in a disco and after inquiring about the identity of the man, it was learned that it was him. He was immediately questioned during the “Today” program.

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There he admitted without hesitation that it is true: they are together. “Are you with her?” they asked him directly.

“Yes. I’m happy, we’ve only been dating for a short time. I don’t know if there’s happiness on my face, but yes”he said with a big smile on his face.

“It’s exclusive, Carmen and I are together. A kiss, see you soon, beautiful, beautiful, I love you,” he continued, referring to the Colombian.

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However, it didn’t take long for netizens to shower the post with criticism. Some protest “So Carmen swapped the Rolex for a Casio” and with a wink to Shakira’s latest song, others write “that looks different than the photos she publishes”, “that’s a pure filter” or “the ex was better “.

But there are some in his defense who point out that “this man’s eyes really light up when he talks about Carmen, God bless her and that love is always palpable when someone leaves because someone better arrives.”

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But it’s also worth saying that Carmen has not commented publicly on her new relationshipHowever, he commented on several love emojis in the “Today” post and reported his feelings.

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