Cristina Chiabotto nine months pregnant: “I have gestational diabetes”

Cristina Chiabotto nine months pregnant: “I have gestational diabetes”

by Federica Bandirali

The former Miss Italy posted a new photo on social media days after giving birth to her second daughter. She confessed to her followers that she faced a new challenge during this pregnancy

Cristina Chiabotto, 35, has posted new photos on Instagrm showing her in the ninth month of pregnancy, wearing a pink maternity dress with ruffles and matching hat: at the end of June she will give birth to her second baby, 14 months later the birth of the first-born Luce. In addition to the former Miss Italy, as always, her husband, manager Marco Roscio, married in 2019.

Chiabotto said that during this pregnancy she was suffering from gestational diabetes, which she is dealing with with the help of the gynecologist and nutritionist. In her first pregnancy she had no diabetes problems. «When I found out about it, it was a novelty to be discovered and deepened. It can happen. It is important to be well followed and aware of what it is. Diet, exercise are the basis, I try to do my best even if it is sometimes difficult, it is right to follow the experts». And you can actually see it in her stories on Instagram, she has never given up exercise and physical activity, Pilates and specific exercises for childbirth.

June 16, 2022 (change June 16, 2022 | 09:52)