Cristiano Malgioglio reveals: "I have to thank Massimo Giletti"    Healthier more beautiful

Cristiano Malgioglio reveals: "I have to thank Massimo Giletti" Healthier more beautiful

Cristiano Malgioglio gave Oggi a long interview at newsstands this week, in which the singer and author explained some details of his career, the ostracism he experienced, the joys but also the difficulties he experienced.

Cristiano Malgioglio reveals:

In a long interview with Oggi Christian Malgioglio spoke about the beginning of his career:

They were all afraid of me, I had a lot of closed doors in front of me.

Then he tells a sequence a Sunday Inwhere he was criticized for a shirt:

Corrado sent me to change.

Among the statements of Christian Malgioglio, one in particular was totally unexpected. The artist revealed that he is very much appreciated by the German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Who wanted it for the film “Querelle de Brest”:

Fassbinder saw my photos in a newspaper and wanted me in the role of a gay sailor. When I told my mother about this, she was very upset. Those were different times, when I was afraid of the consequences for my career and reluctantly declined.

Cristiano Malgioglio: who are the conductors who helped him?

Cristiano Malgioglio reveals:
Christian Malgioglio Then he talked about the difficulties that existed in the early days of his career.

They were afraid of me, even though I knew those doors would swing wide open sooner or later. I had flashy shirts, bell bottoms, wedges on my feet, an incredible amount of hair and David Bowie makeup. Because of this diversity of mine I have suffered many humiliations. Once I had to visit Domenica In and I came into the studio with a colored shirt that the singer Asha Puthli had given me. Corrado sent me to change as soon as he saw me. For me it was a terrible shock.

Cristiano Malgioglio then gave the names and surnames of those who helped him: Massimo Giletti, Carlo Conti and Piero Chiambretti.

I have to thank Massimo Giletti for allowing me to ask uncomfortable questions to famous people at Casa Rai 1; Carlo Conti, who “unburdened” me by taking me to Rai 1 in prime time, which I recommended; and Piero Chiambretti, who made me do everything in his programs, even the siren with a tail. I also really enjoy working with Fabio Fazio and Amadeus.