Cristiano Malgioglio has three children but keeps them secret who

Cristiano Malgioglio, has three children, but keeps them secret: who they are and where they live

Despite being one of the most popular and irreverent characters on Italian television, Cristiano Malgiolio has always been very reserved about his private life. In fact, neither his loved ones nor his family affairs are known. Most of his fans don’t know that the showman has three children. Who are you and where do you live? Let’s find out together!

Cristiano Malgioglio became the undisputed king of trashy television Italian. Very popular and followed on social networks, some of his jokes have gone down in history. However, his private life remains a mystery to many. The singer and showman is indeed one very private person and loves to live her love stories away from the limelight.

Cristiano-Malgioglio-ha-three-children-solospettacolo.itCristiano Malgioglio –

Despite his participation in numerous reality shows and TV shows, we know very little about Cristiano Malgioglio. For example, not many know what the TV commentator had a relationship with a Turkish nutritionist thirty eight years old. The surprising thing is that Malgioglio has three children. These are the singer’s children.

Malgy’s secrets

Cristiano Malgioglio has a complicated and nuanced life, although he’s always tried to keep her out of the limelight. For example, according to some rumors from Dagospia, Malgioglio is said to have been married to the famous in the past Actress Maria Schneiderknown from Bertolucci’s film “Last Tango in Paris”.

However, he has never confirmed or denied this gossip. It is currently known that the singer had an affair with one 38-year-old Turkish nutritionist which recently ended. In addition, Malgy has three children …

Who are Cristiano Malgioglio’s sons?

It may seem unbelievable, but Cristiano Malgioglio has three children. These have never been publicly released and we don’t know much about them. Their names are safe I’m Omara, William and Riccardo. In addition, the showman’s children live in Cuba, the singer himself revealed this secret in an interview for Novella 2000 magazine.

Malgy-ecco-wer-ich-kinder-solospettacolo.itCristiano Malgioglio –

In fact, the singer explained, “Yes, I have three long-distance children. It was a decision I made many years ago, but I never promoted it. Now they are grown I’m proud to have helped them grow. I didn’t adopt them, but I consider them my children. I often go to Cuba to meet her”. It was a very touching revelation, even if the singer doesn’t particularly like to talk about his personal life.

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