Cristian Gallellas new girlfriend speaks

Cristian Gallella’s new girlfriend speaks

He was waiting for the first day of 2023 Christian Gallella to make it official Romance with sportswriter Sofia Oranges.

Former Tronista of men and women after the end of marriage with Tara Gabrielto he stayed single for a long time, or rather he preferred to keep his private life out of the limelight.

Yesterday the former face of the dating show from Maria DeFilippi surprised everyone. He made his new relationship public through a romantic post on his Instagram profile.

A few hours ago, however, it was the young girl, born in 1995, who confirmed the story Christian Gallella, Release of a statement to

The journalist told how they met:

We met in a room in the center of Rome, there was an exchange of looks and nothing else. But I had tagged that place and he managed to track me down on social media where we started chatting. However, I am very suspicious and we have never met in person. Until one day he sent me 100 red roses with a note with a dedication, I thanked him for the thought and then we met. Since then we’ve always been together.

Sofia He then admitted that he still wanted to stay away from gossip:

I didn’t expect all this media hype for our couple, also because gossip is not my world.

there oranges He is currently one of the leading faces of SportItalia. He shares his love of football with the former Tronista:

He’s also a big football fan, he’s an avid Inter fan and he’s always helped me a lot, I call it an encyclopedia of football. This is also due to the fact that he played football before his television career: he reached Serie C with Valenciana. So we also share a passion for football, in that respect we fit together very well. We will certainly also see him on TV PLAY, where we will receive him to talk about football, which he is very good at.