Crisis?  Maira sends a message to Arthur Aguiar: "to love is to respect"

Crisis? Maira sends a message to Arthur Aguiar: "to love is to respect"

Maíra denied a new marital crisis and confirmed leaving Brazil

Maira Cardi He ended up seeing his name implicated in rumors of a new crisis Arthur Aguiar and vented this weekend by posting a photo with her husband.

On her social media profile, she shared a photo with her husband and was very sincere. “Shall we take the king from bakery to bakery? Eggs for me, bread for him! Only eat junk food outside. So today is baker’s day for him! ”Explained the exBBB.

Finally, she sent a note: “Love is love above the marital relationship, it respects more than differences, it respects closeness or distance, love together or apart! I love loving you!” Maira Cardi declared.

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Arthur Aguiar and Maira Cardi recently announced that they are officially leaving Brazil. According to columnist Leo Dias from Metrópoles, the two will move to California, where the muse already lived when she was married to her first husband.

According to the information, the couple would like to live a calmer, safer and simpler life together with their children. Friends of the couple said that Maíra Cardi is thinking about making new friends, taking care of the house and letting her children grow up more freely.

Maira is already in California. She announced that the decision has been shortterm so far. “Today I return to California where I lived for 6 years! Where my brother, family and friends still live… where I started my dream that has become my biggest company! I studied and devoted myself to nutrition and mental health studies like never before. Everything is healthy there, the air you breathe inspired love, organic and health,” she wrote on social media.

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