Crimea: Drone shot down at Black Sea Fleet headquarters

Crimea: Drone shot down at Black Sea Fleet headquarters

Another explosion occurred on the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Russia. According to the authorities, the wreckage of a downed drone hit the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in the city of Sevastopol today. The fleet’s air defenses hit the drone, said the city’s chief administrator, Mikhail Rasvozhayev. “She fell on the roof and burned.” There are no victims.

The official released a photo of the destroyed roof. Rasvozhayev blamed Ukraine for the attack. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

After an explosion, a plume of smoke rising into the sky could be seen in initially unverifiable images and videos that were distributed on social media. “Keep calm and stay home for the next hour if possible,” the head of administration wrote on his channel on the Telegram news service. There is no serious destruction.

Drone attack on Stab reported in late July

According to Rasvozhayev, a drone had already landed in the yard of the fleet’s headquarters in late July. There were also injuries. Ukraine has denied having anything to do with it.

More recently, there have also been strong explosions at a military base and an ammunition depot. Ukraine welcomed this and announced that it expected more explosions. Crimea is not a safe place, the Ukrainian leadership said.

According to Russian authorities, there have been several cases where drones have been shot down in recent days.