Crime in Umag, victim’s friend arrested, searches and kidnapping by neighbors    TriestePrima

Crime in Umag, victim’s friend arrested, searches and kidnapping by neighbors TriestePrima

The Lombard man was arrested this morning over the death of a woman, which occurred at a tourist apartment in the village of Zacchigni, in the Umag region. According to the hypotheses of the Croatian investigators – coordinated by the Pola public prosecutor’s office – the 30-year-old is suspected of having killed the victim, a 40-year-old Italian whose origin is unknown, after a heated argument. which would have lasted most of the night. In addition to the crime scene – an apartment on the first floor of a building with apparently at least two residential units – the investigators also searched the ground floor apartment occupied by a Croatian family. They also carried out the same analyzes in a house not far away where, according to initial reports, a couple in their 60s (he is Italian with a southern accent) lives on the first floor. There is a garage on the ground floor. All apartments were searched and material was confiscated from the victim’s apartment and those below it, which was taken away by forensics.

The facts

The crime was then discovered at dawn when, at 4:55 am, the police received a report from the Umag Ambulance Service about a seriously injured woman. When officers arrived at the scene at 5:45 a.m., they found that the person who was attacked was already dead.

The crime scene

The victim was found lifeless in a two-story house. On the first floor is the apartment where the body was found, on the ground floor there is a garage. The building is located at the entrance to Zacchigni, coming from Umag, on the left. Next to the house is the neighbors’ cottage.

The neighbors’ house (photo Giovanni Aiello)


A regular tourist

The 40-year-old often vacationed in Zacchigni, where she used to spend time with her husband. This summer, she was first rumored to be arriving with a man who would become a friend, the 30-year-old. The house was found in a state of disrepair with broken windows and destroyed furniture. No weapons were used.