Creams ready Universitario starts League 1 against Cusco FC

Creams ready: Universitario starts League 1 against Cusco FC

Atypically, League 1 began the third appointment in 2023 after the first two were suspended due to the lack of guarantees and security due to the political and social situation that our country is going through. What marked that beginning, however, was the battle between eight clubs and the FPF for television rights.

After Government gave the green light to play behind closed doors, the eight clubs held a meeting and yesterday afternoon the open secret became official: Universitario, which was part of the list of clubs that have decided not to play in League 1 until the FPF which removed Caution imposed before him Power of attorney for the TV rights, he decided to step down for the common cause and will play against Cantolao at the Monumental today (3:30 p.m.).

“We will not be in the position of one side or the other, because everyone looks after their own interests, and we will not feel responsible, nor will we be in the middle of a problem that was caused by them,” said Jean Ferrari in a conference , cream manager specified.

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Creams ready Universitario starts League 1 against Cusco FCJean Ferrari assured that he will respect the rules communicated by the FPF, which will be endorsed by FIFA. Photo: spread

“We respect what FIFA says and therefore we cannot mix the legal, commercial part with the sporting part because that would be against our governing body and where there are rules and regulations and a WHERE They don’t give it back to you, three points, nobody gives it back to you. That’s why we’ll be on the pitch in that third game against Cantolao. We stand by our position, we respect the rules,” said the manager after confirming the contract extension with Consorcio.

We have a contract with consortium and we renewed it. A very important contract for the club. I can’t say how much due to a confidentiality issue, but it’s a contract that will help us solve the problem of debt in general, bankruptcy and electricity. It’s a contract that will make history within the club,” he added, making sure that it is not known if the game will be broadcast by GolPerú.

Cusco FC didn’t show up and lost by WO

Cusco FC did not appear on the field of Garcilaso Stadium to face Sport Huancayo and the first walk over of the league 1, following the decision by the seven teams not to compete in the debut of the tournament. The Red Matadors won 3-0 while the Cusqueños were warned they would lose the category if they added their second WO. The Huancaínos, who play on Tuesday, come to the fourth date Libertadores Cupthey rest while Cusco FC plays against Cienciano.

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Only U-Cantolao and Vallejo-A would be played that weekend. Atlético, who gave themselves seven WO on that first date. Alianza Lima will play a friendly against Cienciano today.

University is pronounced

The Creams released a statement on their social media confirming their decision to play date three of League 1.

1675508294 461 Creams ready Universitario starts League 1 against Cusco FCPhoto: Composition LR/University of Sport