Crazy Elisa De Panicis flared stockings

Crazy Elisa De Panicis: flared stockings

Elisa De Panicis is crazy in her latest post published on Instagram. The shot unleashed his many fans. The post actually received several positive reactions. Many, in this sense, receive the “likes” and comments under the shot.

Elisa de Panicis She is one of the most famous models and influencers and more. In fact, the Lombard model has become known all over the world thanks to her Instagram profile and above all to her passion for music. She became famous thanks to her participation in various programs such as “Men and Women.”

Elisa de PanicisElisa de Panicis

A “double” participation considering that De Panicis acted in both the “Spanish” and Italian versions. In fact, De Panicis has also made a name for itself in the Iberian country. This is also because the model took part in “Supervivientes”, the Iberian version of “our” “Island of the Famous”. Also in Italy, De Panicis took part in a reality show. In fact, he attended the 2020 Big Brother Vip. At the end of her experience in the most spied house in Italy, De Panicis decided to pursue her passion for singing. Between late 2021 and early 2022, De Panicis released three singles. “Tiko Tak”, “Dale” and “In the Night”. Three songs that scored very important numbers on music streaming platforms. The video clips of the pieces achieved a great result on Youtube. In fact, there are several views recorded from the videos where De Panicis is the absolute protagonist. All the video clip his pieces have been promoted via Instagram with the posting of multiple previews on Instagram.

Elisa de Panicis, In fact, it is very popular on Instagram. There are over 1.5 million users who follow the model and influencer born in 1992. The Lombard sells the number of “followers” visibly. This growth is “tightly” related to the frequency with which De Panicis publishes new posts. Every shot or video clip posted to the feed always gets lots of comments and likes from lots of fans. Something that has become a sweet habit for fans. The same happened, for example, in relation to the model’s last published post. In fact, De Panicis has received many comments and likes under the snapshot published a few hours ago, which sees her in the company of a friend of hers. What’s special is that De Panicis highlights her only partially covered legs self-regulating.

Elisa de Panicis