Cozzolino unloads Giorgi He sent the pro Qatar email

Cozzolino unloads Giorgi: “He sent the pro Qatar email”

Andrew Cozzolino Change version, shuffle cards, announce innocent and says to officially give it upParliamentary immunity. During his speech before Legal Commission of the European Parliament (Juri), called for a decision waiver of immunity for him and for the other member of the Strasbourg plenum who ended up in the files of the Belgian public prosecutor’s office because of the scandal of alleged bribery in the EU, Marc Tarabellathe politician has since been suspended Democratic Party and currently in the group “non-members” offers its version and at the same time contradicts itself.

It does so when addressing the now-familiar topic post Office sent by him shortly before the November vote Qatarto Strasbourgin which he urged all his colleagues in Parliament to take sides against a part of the resolution that underlines the seriousness of the situation human rights in the gulf emirate overlooking the World Cup 2022. He said this email in a first interview with, when his involvement was limited to a search of the office of Francesco Georgihis assistant, examined by the Belgian judges, was “a political position that I have expressed within the group of socialists and democrats“. Today, however, he suddenly distances himself from that email: “The text of the email sent from my address before the vote on the Qatar text created and distributed without my prior consent by my former collaborator Francesco Giorgi,” he explained to his colleagues, recalling that he voted “for the main changes proposed to the text that stigmatized Qatar’s behavior”. It is at least unusual for a collaborator to takes the trouble to send an email signed by his employer, a deputy, from the deputy’s institutional mailbox without the person concerned noticing.Also because, as Cozzolino himself wanted to point out in the interview with, ” I didn’t perceive any form of Print from my employee.

A mere change of position for which the members of the Commission, at least as far as we know, have not held him accountable. This is the clear position in the text of the e-mail that landed in the mailboxes of numerous MEPs a few hours after the vote on Qatar: “In view of today’s vote on the human rights situation in the context of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, I would like I repeat the position I expressed at yesterday’s group meeting I ask you to vote against the second part of recital A in the separate vote – we read – this one claims that the World Cup was awarded by FIFA thanks to Qatar abuse and corruption. The European Parliament should not accuse any country without producing evidence from investigations by the relevant judicial authorities.”

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