Covid, from 0 infections to 75% of the infected population in a week. The Curious Case of the Marshall Islands

That 75% of swabs made in the Marshall Islands positive. It wasn’t in the country until last week an infection was never registered Interior from Covid-19. On March 8, 2020, the authorities of the small island nation in the Pacific Ocean with fewer than 60,000 inhabitants had hardly found out about the enormous spread of the virus They had closed the borders. The Minister of Health called it a “wise decision”. Jack Niedenthalwhich had allowed the islands To no coronavirus cases throughout 2021. However, now this is appreciated one in 10 citizens has them Covid while the officially registered cases are over 3 thousand. A condition that prompted the government to “state of health disaster“.

Last Mondayhappened on first infection confirmed, although it is still unclear how this was possible given that before the outbreak all travelers had to meet a deadline of 10 days quarantine before they can move freely in the small nation. In addition, as Radio New Zealand reports, the six people who tested positive on August 8 “have not traveled and have not had contact with anyone in quarantine”. The cases have doubled from yesterday to today. August 11 marked the country’s first Covid death since the pandemic began; at the moment there is four.

Doctors and nurses at work, albeit positive

However, the situation seems to be under control, explained Niedenthal: “It’s going up and will continue to do so.” 70 percent of the population over the age of six are vaccinated. However, one of the reasons a zero-Covid strategy has been adopted is the limited capacity of the country’s hospitals, which also don’t have many doctors and nurses, so much so that – reports the Guardian – health-care professionals have been asked also work with positivitywhen symptoms are mild. Despite the protests, Niedenthal did not change his line: “Without someone working there, there is no healthcare.” Nine people are currently hospitalized.

“No lockdown, we are confident”

Despite the huge outbreak in the country No ban has been set up. However, many people are still choosing to stay at home voluntarily and schools have been closed. The no-longer-needed quarantine requirement upon arrival at the atoll, which had allowed the virus to remain isolated at the atoll, has also been lifted.October 2020 two American tourists had landed positively. “Orders and help will soon be arriving from the USA,” said Niedenthal, who was confident: “The delay in the arrival of the virus gave us time to learn how to protect our population.” Earlier in August, Taiwan sent supplies of protective equipment.

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