Covid escaped from a US lab The new theory on

Covid ‘escaped from a US lab’. The (new) theory on the origins of the pandemic

The main consequence for the time being was to strengthen the propaganda harmony between Russia and Moscow. It comes back to talk about it covid and its origin, which is still a mystery: the market of Wuhan, bats, a Chinese or an American laboratory. Not even themWHO was able to give a definitive answer, also due to the partiality of the data provided by Beijing: “All hypotheses remain open,” say the experts. Now the topic should be revived Jeffrey Sachs, world-renowned economist and writer, speaking at a Gate Center think-tank conference in Spain last month: “Covid-19 has no natural origins, but it would have inadvertently escaped US laboratory biotechnology,” he says. He was “fairly convinced” that this was the cause Pandemic.


Professor Sachs, twice named by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, partially blurs the impact of his statements by adding that “we don’t know for sure, but there’s enough evidence that it should and shouldn’t be investigated . You’re being investigated, not in the United States or anywhere else.” Last May, Sachs, along with Neil Harrison, professor of molecular pharmacology at Columbia University, published an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, noting that Covid was created in the laboratory and explaining that the important information has not been verified. Independent, transparent and scientific verification”.

According to the authors, an eight-amino acid sequence on the virus’s spike protein resembles an amino acid sequence found in the cells lining the human airway. In introducing this “provocative statement,” Sachs said he was familiar with the situation as he chairs the Covid-19 committee of the prestigious medical journal The Lancet. “So, in my opinion, this is a biotechnological error, not a natural hiccup,” he points out. Virus databases, biological samples, virus sequences, email communications and lab notebooks could help shed light on the origin of the pandemic, Sachs and Harrison said. However, according to the scientists, none of these materials have been subjected to “independent, objective and scientific verification”.

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Sachs’ statements have inevitably drawn the immediate interest of the Chinese government, which proclaims they deserve “a thorough investigation.” It’s unclear whether the professor believes Covid originated in the United States or stemmed from a collaboration between American and Chinese scientists in Wuhan. Sachs heads the Lancet Covid-19 Commission, set up at the beginning of the pandemic to assist governments and analyze data. He coordinated a task force investigating the origins of the epidemic, and it’s not the first time he’s hypothesized that the spread of the virus is the result of experiments conducted between Chinese and American scientists. At the conference on June 15, the professor made it clear: “I firmly believe that the coronavirus is a product of US laboratory biotechnology and not nature. I can support that after two years of intensive work».

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The video of the entire conference was posted on YouTube, and Sachs’s statements were edited and shared on social media by at least two Chinese diplomats in the past few days. Hua Chunying, the country’s deputy foreign minister, tweeted, “Given the heavy human and economic toll the virus has taken, don’t we owe it to the millions of lives to conduct a thorough investigation of US labs?” It started last year the Chinese government launched a disinformation campaign declaring that Covid originated at a US military base in Maryland. But now Sachs’ statements are immediately reprinted by RT, the Kremlin’s propaganda tool, which is exploiting them to attack the West by captioning: “Covid-19 may have originated in the US laboratory”. The international scientific community has officially dismissed the possibility that the virus escaped from a plant, but in an in-depth study on the subject, M reveals how the theory became widespread from internal emails between experts and governments. As for the WHO publicly claiming that “all hypotheses about the origins of Covid remain on the table,” a source cited by the Mail reveals that Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently confided in a senior European politician that this is the most likely The explanation is the catastrophic accident at a laboratory in Wuhan, where the infection first spread in late 2019.