1690067678 Couverture en direct Four people missing in Nova Scotia floods

[Couverture en direct] Four people missing in Nova Scotia floods

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  • 10:09 p.m

    An overview of the damage

    A bridge collapsed through water near Smileys Provincial Park in Newport, Hants County.

    A destroyed bridge.

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    A destroyed bridge in Hants County

    Photo: Radio-Canada / Government of Nova Scotia

    Water covered a large area near Highway 14, including part of the highway, in the Three Mile Plains area of ​​Hants County.

    Flooding near a highway.

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    A view of the Hants County flooding

    Photo: Government of Nova Scotia

    A car almost went under at the entrance to a shopping center in Bedford.

    A car in the water.

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    A car almost went under in Bedford.

    Photo: Government of Nova Scotia

    The grounds of the Lenihan Memorial in Bedford are flooded.

    A flooded baseball field in Bedford.

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    A baseball field in Bedford.

    Photo: Government of Nova Scotia

  • 9:43 p.m

    Several teams went in search of four people

    RCMP is searching for four missing people, including two children. Police are reporting two separate incidents in which two vehicles were submerged.

    In a statement, police said the search also involved the RCMP’s underwater recovery team, the Joint Rescue Coordination Center and the Department of Natural Resources and Renewable Energy.

    In a news conference, Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston said finding these people was a top priority.

  • 9:14 p.m

    In Bedford, a Halifax suburb, the Sackville River burst its banks due to heavy rainfall. In some places the road has completely disappeared.

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  • 8:25 p.m

    More rain

    In its 4pm update, Environment Canada is maintaining a precipitation warning for eastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. According to this federal authority, it should drop by 30 to 60 millimeters. The rain is expected to stop tonight or tomorrow morning.

    Environment Canada has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Halifax region, which can lead to heavy rainfall in a short time.

    Rain falls on cars on a highway.

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    It rained heavily today in Sackville, near Halifax.

    Photo: Radio Canada / Nouemsi Njiké

  • 8:24 p.m

    Halifax Updates

    • The Pride march planned for Sunday has to be cancelled. This public event, which attracts thousands of people every year, has to be postponed to a later date.
    • Bedford Swimming Pool has been badly damaged and needs extensive repairs. It will remain closed until further notice.
    • Residents are advised to exercise extreme caution near the Sackville River.
    • The community is asking the public to avoid Fish Hatchery Park. The soil in this area has been eroded due to the overflowing of the Sackville River.
    Flash floods spill into a city park in Bedford, a Halifax suburb.

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    The Sackville River has burst its banks in Bedford due to heavy rain in the past few hours. Fish Hatchery City Park is mostly submerged. The community is asking residents to avoid this area.

    Photo: Radio Canada / Jonathan Villeneuve

  • 7:51 p.m

    Hundreds of people were evacuated from different areas of the province

    • Between 700 and 750 people were evacuated overnight in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Now it would be more than 150.
    • 435 people were evacuated from the Fancy Lake area in the town of Lunenburg, south of Halifax.
    • Between 50 and 100 residents were evacuated to St. Croix, north of Halifax.

    However, the Mayor of Halifax says the numbers and the situation are changing rapidly. People should not assume that these floods are over. “It’s not over yet because it’s still raining,” warned Mike Savage.

  • 7:24 p.m

    It rained within 24 hours for three months

    Biblical proportions of rain have fallen for Halifax Mayor Mike Savage in the past few hours. A total of 250 millimeters of rain fell in several parts of the province, which corresponds to about three months of rain. According to him, the average monthly rainfall is 80 or 90 mm.

  • 7:18 p.m

    A state of emergency has been declared in several sectors of the province

    Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston announced that states of emergency have been declared in the regional counties of Halifax, East Hants, West Hants, Lunenburg and Queens.

    Premier Tim Houston answers questions.  Flags of Nova Scotia can be seen behind him.

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    Tim Houston attended a news conference to provide the latest information on the flooding that has ravaged Nova Scotia since Friday night.

    Photo: Screenshot of the press conference

    He said the search for the four missing people in West Hants was still ongoing. As for the damage to infrastructure, there are many, in his opinion. “We lost bridges,” he explained.

    The road is suspended due to a landslide caused by torrential rain.

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    Route 333 towards Peggys Cove is impassable due to a landslide.

    Photo: Radio Canada / Jeremie Tessier-Vigneault

  • 6:49 p.m

    St. Croix residents can return home

    The evacuated area is colored red.  It represents a large part of Hants County.

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    According to the Mayor of Windsor, most of this area marked in red has been evacuated.

    Photo: Radio Canada

    They had been evacuated around 3:40 a.m. local time on Saturday because they feared for the integrity of the St. Croix Dam, which was in danger of failing. The dam gates were partially opened in the morning, which lowered the pressure.

    Even if the population is allowed to return to their homes, caution remains necessary. Water levels continue to rise in some nearby areas, including Water Street in Windsor, Froth Hole, Mill Section and Pisiquid Lake.

  • 6:32 p.m

    Part of a part of town in Bedford that is flooded with brownish water.

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    Bedford, a Halifax suburb, is partially submerged.

    Photo: Real Estate Muscle

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