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Costa Rica championed inclusion and multilateralism in CELAC

Speaking at the VII Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), Brunner reiterated that we are at a moment that requires our immediate action and leadership to be based on dialogue.

He indicated that they are celebrating this high-profile event, firmly believing in the importance of this mechanism for the Latin American and Caribbean region in its commitment to dialogue, cooperation and political unity in the face of major common challenges.

In this sense, he indicated that he enthusiastically welcomes the return of Brazil to Celac, since the unity of the region is essential in the search for solutions that will allow it to move forward in building increasingly fair, just and inclusive societies.

The first vice president of Costa Rica considered it essential to strengthen our voice on the international stage to position the region’s priorities and vulnerabilities and to continue working to implement measures to promote the necessary economic recovery after the seize pandemic.

He stressed that his country’s commitment to promoting and defending human rights, the rule of law and democracy is unshakable.

Costa Rica reaffirms its commitment to safe, orderly and regular migration, he said, adding that it also understands that the impact of displacement transcends national borders and that there is a need for joint efforts with Latin American and Caribbean countries undertake to address the structural causes of this phenomenon.

He said that Celac represents a space for dialogue that allows the consolidation of new alliances to reduce and slow down the consequences of forced displacement and migration via irregular routes.

After noting that climate change poses increasingly serious risks to our region and reminding us of the importance of acting together and with a sense of urgency to mitigate its devastating effects, Brunner stressed that engagement is always important must be directed towards sustainable development, with our ecosystems and biodiversity.

He stressed Costa Rica’s strong commitment to multilateralism, recalling that his country made the decision to abolish the army as a permanent institution seven decades ago and has since advocated dialogue, negotiations, cooperation and respect for international law .

Our participation in this forum is a clear manifestation to further strengthen regional political unity and move to active search for solutions in various areas, he stressed.

«In Celac, Costa Rica finds a favorable space to continue working on the realization of common goals and initiatives. For this reason we celebrate the realization of this summit and look with great hope and positivity to our future as a voice and a major player in the international concert,” concluded the first Costa Rican vice president.