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Corruption case in Kyiv L’Unione

First, Zelenskyi’s announcement of forthcoming “decisions” concerning “managers at various levels in ministries and other government structures, in the regions and in the law enforcement system,” then the resignation by senior Ukrainian officials.

Decisions follow a Corruption case in the field of army suppliesthe first scandal of this magnitude since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Kyrylo TymoshenkoThe company, which resigned in October, was accused of using an all-terrain vehicle donated to Ukraine by the US company General Motors for humanitarian purposes. After these revelations, he assured that he had handed over the vehicle to the needs of the front.

TO leave his chair also the Deputy Minister of Defense Vyacheslav Shapovalov, responsible for the logistical support of the armed forces. According to the ZN.UA website, the Ministry of Defense has signed a contract for 2023 at an inflated price for food products for soldiers. The contract would be worth 324 million euros, with prices set “two to three times higher” than current staple food prices.

For his part, the other one resigned Deputy Prosecutor General Oleksiy Simonenkohas been accused by an influential Ukrainian media outlet of recently vacationing in Spain, despite the fact that foreign travel, except for professional reasons, is banned for Ukrainian men of military age.

And the last one going in chronological order is this Deputy Minister of Municipal and Rural Development of Ukraine of Ukraine, Ivan Lukerya, who wrote a letter this morning announcing his resignation.

Last Sunday dDeputy Minister of Infrastructure Vasyl Lozinsky was arrested accused of pocketing a $400,000 bribe to “facilitate” the purchase of generators at inflated prices. Pavlo Galimon, deputy leader of the presidential Servant of the People party, was fired on Monday after corruption allegations for buying a property in Kyiv for a price higher than his stated earnings.

Meanwhile, while the EU announces another 500 million military aid for KyivFrench President Macron stated that “nothing is excluded” with regard to the Delivery of Leclerc tanksand the Germany would be ready to authorize Poland a send the leopards.

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