1695351393 Corrado Formigli defends NGOs and attacks the government quotAuthentic obsessionquot

Corrado Formigli defends NGOs and attacks the government: "Authentic obsession"

Corrado Formigli

“There are many lies that Lampedusa, under attack by fleeing migrants, exposes.” And here it is Corrado Formigli returns to attack the government. The moderator of PiazzaPulita on La7 creates a list aimed at the center-right movement. The first, which he described as “the most sensational”, concerns NGOs, authentic obsession of the right“. The reason? According to him, they are “the target of a political and legislative campaign”. violent and rude. Since there are no longer any private rescue ships, landings have continued to increase and have doubled compared to the previous year.”

The reference refers to the decree that concerns the boats of non-governmental organizations. A decree that, in his opinion, obliges NGOs to “make longer stops in ports, go to ports increasingly distant from the search area or even continue sailing after a sea rescue without being able to carry out a second one”. In fact – he continues – “The lack of rescue vessels at sea and the withdrawal of the position of Coast Guard lookouts directly in our territorial waters results in hundreds of small boats, not intercepted offshore, all heading for a single destination.”: Lampedusa. Make it explode“.

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But it didn’t end there. Formigli does not skimp on the “second big lie of Melonian propaganda”. That is, “the so-called naval blockade”. The journalist accuses Giorgia Meloni of not keeping her campaign promise when she became head of state. “After all, governing also means dealing with reality. Which tells us a completely different story from Lampedusa: Between climate catastrophes and wars, Africa is the most unstable.” Hence his solution: “By expanding the streams, do training. If you cannot close, open with intelligence and consistency. There is no other way.”

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