1674977244 Corrado does not forgive Valentina at Ce Posta Per Te

Corrado does not forgive Valentina at C’è Posta Per Te and closes the envelope: “I have to feel good”

Valentina and Corrado at C’è Posta Per Te did not get back together: after the woman’s talks with another man, Corrado left his wife, but continues to meet her for intimate relationships. Despite the repeated encounters, he does not want to forgive her: the man closed the envelope, “I have to feel good, I don’t trust myself”.

Corrado does not forgive Valentina at Ce Posta Per Te

In today’s episode of You have mail the history of Valentina and Konrador. The woman introduced herself to Maria de Filippi to restore relations with her husband Corrado. During her marriage, she fell in love with a man with whom she spoke for over a year without ever having physical contact. After discovering the betrayal, Corrado asked for separation. Since he left, however, he has continued to have close ties with his wife: despite repeated meetings “in the country”, he has decided not to forgive her in the studio of the television show broadcast on Canale 5. “I’ll close the envelope I don’t trust”.

The confrontation between Corrado and Valentina

“I never cheated on you physically, I never said, never thought, never wrote that I wanted to leave you and our family. Now I miss everything about you, even our fights, our hugs, our understanding. In those two months we talked to each other every night, I felt our love, we talked, we clarified, we said things that we never said in those years and how those months ended, we loved each other. We’re still husband and wife. Only together can we unite our family”: With these words Valentina tried to win back her husband Corrado, who, out of resentment over the events, said he did not want to forgive her lack of trust. Despite Maria de Filippi’s repeated attempts to reunite them, Corrado showed himself sure that he will not be able to reunite his wife: “None of us are made of stone, maybe I don’t love them anymore”. “You see, when you are with your wife you do not lose your dignity”, commented De Filippi However, the man has not changed his mind: “I must feel good, I do not dare,” his words after closing the envelope: “It’s fine now.”